Cheap dentistry isn’t all that cheap

The whole dental profession could self-combust, or at the very least, loose it’s credibility. What? You say, I haven’t heard anything in the media. Well, in fact, you are hearing about it all day, whether you realise it or not. Health fund and corporate ownership of dental practices has now become a thing. Big companies with big advertising budgets promoting their new state of the art clinics. Health insurance companies now want you to visit their own clinics. Think about that for a moment, the insurance company takes a premium from you to cover you against treatment required, then, when they have to make a payout, they want you to go to one of their own practices, so they can pay themselves, as well as taking more money from you if there is a gap payment. Conflict of interest? Now remember, these corporations exist to make money. Although you will be persuaded that they have your best interests at heart, don’t forget, these companies report to shareholders who as a dist

Do you value your teeth as much as your car?

Little bit of a strange question, isn’t it? Think about it for a moment…most of us rely on having a car as a means of transport and after living with a car for so long, it is difficult to adapt and inconvenient to be without one. Teeth are very much the same and we sometimes take them for granted. Can you imagine if you woke up one day and didn’t have any teeth? I imagine eating, smiling and speaking would all of a sudden be very difficult and quite confronting. Just like cars need servicing and maintenance, so do teeth. Without proper care at home, things can deteriorate very quickly. Our job as dentists is not only to fix, repair and replace teeth but we can also prevent problems from occurring or at least limit any damage through attending regular check up and clean appointments. Imagine if you hadn’t serviced your car for a few years. The wear and damage that can occur without professional maintenance could really add up. Fixing major problems or restoring our t

He only ever drinks water

You might go to confession and tell a little white lie. The priest will never know…right? Whilst I don’t proclaim to be the chosen one, there are things that I know, teeth being one of those things. As a dentist, it’s not only our job to diagnose and treat, but to also educate about teeth and how to care for them. Occasionally, this “education” is mistaken as an attack on somebody’s parenting skills. This is how it usually goes… “Well I’ve had a look at little Johnny’s teeth and there are few things I’d like to show you. So, there are a couple of cavities here, here, here and here and there are a number of spots where I can see some acid wear. I will be able fix these cavities but we need to try and prevent this same thing happening in the future. Is there anything sweet or acidic that Johnny might be eating or drinking that might be contributing?” “Well, he has milk with his toast in the morning but otherwise he ONLY EVER drinks water.” “[si