4 Most Common Myths About Dental Implants in Melbourne

There are many reasons for getting dental implants in Melbourne such as replacing broken teeth, an alternative to dentures, restoring teeth strength and regaining a confident smile. However, there are also many myths surrounding dental implants. Some believe that teeth implants don’t look real or that they will feel unnatural when eating.

At Toothpals Dental Care, we want to clear up any confusion. So, here are the most common myths surrounding getting a dental implant in Melbourne:

1. It won’t last that long

The first myth on our list is that getting a tooth implant won’t last as long due to being made from shoddy materials. As we use titanium and medical-grade dental implants made from high-quality materials that are designed to last; this is simply untrue.

Due to the nature of the dental implant procedure, the tooth implant is designed to replace the existing tooth root under the gum line. This means that you can smile and eat food without worrying about the dental implant dislodging.

2. It will look like an obvious artificial tooth

One of the most common myths about getting a replacement tooth is that it won’t look like a natural tooth once the procedure is finished. Again, this is simply not true. At Toothpals Dental Care, our dental implants in Melbourne are finished by attaching a crown created from an impression of your tooth with meticulous attention to detail.

We ensure that your new crown will fit perfectly and match the exact shape of your tooth and bite. The end result is a tooth implant where no one will be able to tell the difference.

3. It won’t feel like a real tooth

Another myth is that once you get your tooth implant, it will always feel like an unnatural and fake tooth. This is false for many reasons. Our quality dental implants and crowns are not only made to replicate your exact tooth, but are also designed to provide increased strength over a large filling.

This means that when you bite down when eating, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort, it will feel just as natural as your other teeth, and you can return to using the normal strength of your jawbone when chewing.

4. It’s not that urgent

One of the more puzzling myths is that dental implant treatment is not that urgent. If your tooth is broken or starting to become decayed, waiting will clearly only exacerbate the problem. Waiting can lead to bigger issues such as spreading the damage to the adjacent teeth.

This can result in problems such as bone loss around the teeth, developing gum recession and your teeth repositioning to fill unnatural gaps that have been created.

Make sure you aren’t reading into myths when it comes to the health of your teeth. If you have been searching online for dental implants in Melbourneor are concerned about the current condition of your teeth, consult with one of our friendly dentists at Toothpals Dental Care. Browse our website to see our range of dental services available or call us on (03) 9878 9227 today.


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